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Hypnotherapy Harley Street

Advanced Hypnosis London is a friendly and professional team of Harley Street hypnotherapists who can help you with a range of different hypnosis sessions.

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Our Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic is a leading choice for those looking for hypnosis in London to help with a variety of issues. Whilst the areas we help with are varied, the overriding goal and approach is fundamentally the same. We want to help our clients make positive changes in their lives through transformations to their mindset and behaviours. Since the subconscious mind is a key driver of human behaviour we use hypnotherapy as our primary approach. This helps you to re-programme your mind at the deeper level to bring about the positive changes desired.

On this site you’ll find lots of interesting information about hypnotherapy Harley Street style! However, if you still have specific questions then feel free to contact us.

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

Many people think of ‘stage hypnosis’ and swinging pendulums when hypnotherapy is mentioned. In reality, hypnosis used therapeutically could not be more different than many people expect. We believe it is important to inform and educate about the state of hypnosis since individual expectations can even be a barrier to effective sessions.

There are many different definitions of what hypnosis is. We find it most usefully described as a focused state of attention where transformational change in the subconscious mind is more easily achieved. Everyone experiences this differently, from individual to individual and from session to session. Some people feel a sense of ‘going under’ or losing large amounts of conscious awareness during hypnosis. Others are very aware of the experience on a conscious level.

From our clinical experience, there is no difference in effectiveness between a perceived lighter or deeper state of hypnosis. It is more an issue where a person thinks it is relevant. We are happy to answer any questions about hypnosis and the hypnotic state. This means you can experience your sessions free of any unnecessary mystery or misconceptions. 

Hypnosis Harley Street

Why choose a Harley Street hypnotherapist? Obviously, there is a nothing magical about a street. There are great hypnotherapists practicing all over London, the UK and the World! However, as a brand, Harley Street is synonymous with excellence in a number of professional fields, especially amongst clinicians. Hypnotherapy Harley street is a popular search when clients are looking for such services! We are proud of this association and the fact that our clinic is a PERMANENT feature at No.1 Harley Street. We have worked hard to build up our excellent reputation and our status on Harley Street reflects this.

However, we are not just known for our prestigious location. We are also known for our unique approach to Advanced Hypnosis. Our London Hypnotherapists are pioneers in the use of technology for improving both the delivery and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. There are many other factors that make a hypnotherapy session successful. However, we have found a powerful place for technology in making our particular style of hypnosis have a greater impact.

Innovative Programmes

Another innovation is our Hypnosis for Wellbeing programme and sessions. This is our answer to the question of ‘Do you need to have a problem to benefit from hypnosis?’ Our answer is a resounding ‘No!’ There are few people who would not benefit from a subconscious ‘tune up’ and this is one of our fastest growing types of session. Wellbeing is a popular concept at present and there is no better way to develop it than building a supportive foundation at the deeper, subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy London

We take great care to ensure that we are the right clinic to suit your individual needs. We are specialists in ‘brief therapy’. As a result our goal is to work with our clients over a smaller number of sessions than many other psychotherapeutic approaches. We therefore like our clients to enter our process with their personal goal framed primarily as change, as opposed to treatment. 

Whilst we provide a large number of session types, it is part of our commitment to clinical excellence to ensure we operate within our therapeutic ‘scope’. Where we believe hypnotherapy or brief therapy generally is not the best choice for a particular client we will recommend other approaches. With permission we can even help you with specific referrals to other therapists and professionals.

Hypnotist London

The majority of our session types follow an initial 2-session programme format. For many clients, this is all that need to make a breakthrough in terms of positive change. Depending on individual circumstances, clients can choose extra follow-on sessions as required or desired. We will discuss at the time of booking as to the recommended number of sessions required. Typically clients visit us for 2-4 sessions.

In addition to in-session hypnotherapy our blended approach can incorporate a number of different techniques as required. Likewise, we provide our clients with post-session resources and guidance. This acts as both ‘homework’ between sessions to build on the in-session work and tools to use on an ongoing basis to help make the positive changes sustainable.

Our powerful Advanced Hypnosis (using the unique Neurosphere®) is available for sessions throughout the day, plus selected evenings and weekends.

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* Results and techniques used may vary for each individual client.