Shopping Addiction Hypnosis

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Shopping Addiction Hypnosis

For the majority of people shopping is a pleasant pastime or an occasional necessity. It is perfectly healthy to treat yourself now and then, spending some of the money you have worked hard to earn.

There are lots of different ways that we can shop in the modern age to make the experience more convenient; some people favour small local shops, others prefer large department stores or shopping centres, and an increasing number of individuals do their shopping online. Either way, the average shopper is in control of what they want to buy, possibly writing a list of items that they would like to purchase within their budget.

However, for some people this enjoyable experience can become a compulsion, developing a habit as they repeatedly and regularly indulge in inappropriate and excessive spending. Sometimes we spend too much money on something we think we deserve, or something that we really want to buy; but for a compulsive shopper, this is a regular and often impulsive occurrence. You may show signs of a shopping addiction if you:

  • Frequently spend over budget without any control
  • Buy compulsively, spending money on unnecessary items that you had not planned to purchase or do not need
  • Hide your purchases or lie about your overspending to your family and loved ones
  • Visit shopping websites when at work or during social situations, finding yourself constantly distracted from normal life

These could not only have negative financial consequences, but also damage your interpersonal life. As a shopping addiction escalates you may run low on funds for basic necessities such as bills, food and toiletries, prioritising the purchase of items such as clothes, gadgets or other luxury items instead. You could become indebted or bankrupt from borrowing money to fuel your addiction if you do not earn or save enough to cover the additional costs. If you share a bank account with a partner, a compulsion to shop could lead to a strained and damaged relationship. It can be hard for others to understand why you are behaving in such a manner, causing arguments if they do not understand that you feel powerless to your compulsion, believing you are simply being reckless.

An individual may develop a compulsion to shop for a variety of reasons. The excitement and rush of adrenaline experienced when making a thrilling purchase may provide a temporary reprieve to someone feeling dissatisfied or unhappy in their personal life. The stresses of work or worries about personal responsibilities may lead an individual to participate in self-medicating reward based behaviour such as shopping, in an attempt to help them cope with the pressures of life. Over time a shopping addict will habitually crave the thrill felt when purchasing a consumer item, becoming dependent on the gratification they feel when they buy something new. This can lead to them to engage in this behaviour with increasing regularity.

Hypnosis can help to break this cycle, giving you the mental tools to resist the urge to overspend or buy unnecessary products. It can help you to perceive shopping not as an emotional crutch or coping mechanism, but as something to be done occasionally, and when the need arises. Through hypnosis you can begin to develop a healthier relationship with shopping.