Stop Cannabis Hypnosis

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Are You Ready To Be Free From Cannabis?

Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Britain. It is a natural drug, produced from a plant, but is not something that our bodies rely on to survive such as food and water.

stop smoking cannabisCannabis is a sedative, as opposed to a stimulant such as caffeine or nicotine, and when taken can have a relaxing, calming effect on an individual.

Due to this, some people can find themselves becoming dependent on cannabis to help them to relax, finding that falling to sleep becomes increasingly difficult if they go a day without smoking, or they may feel agitated and on edge if they cannot have a joint.

This may lead an individual to smoke more frequently, or prioritise cannabis use over other activities they previously enjoyed, such as socialising or engaging in a particular hobby or sport.

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking Cannabis

Also, similarly to a hallucinogenic drug, cannabis can make a user more aware of their senses but less aware of time, possibly resulting in a stressful and unpleasant sensation and experience. There is an on-going debate on whether or not cannabis is addictive, how dangerous the drug is for an individual’s health, and whether or not using cannabis acts as a gateway drug, leading repeat users to stronger drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Some users report that they can take it casually or in social situations, whereas others say that they need to take cannabis every day in order to function normally. But regardless of how often one indulges in cannabis, it is still a dangerous, strong and illegal drug. Choosing to quit smoking cannabis can be difficult, but in the long term, means choosing a more positive, happier and healthier lifestyle.

Stop Smoking Cannabis

A smoking habit becomes a problem once it interferes with a person’s normal, constructive functioning. For many users, there is an adverse effect on social relations such as family and emotional relationships, interfering with enjoyable activities, leading to suspicion or lying, and causing lethargy that prevents full enjoyment of one’s social life. Moreover, cannabis affects performance at work, making it difficult to concentrate on tasks, interact with clients or colleagues, remain alert, and remember information. Cannabis can negatively affect an individual’s mental and emotional health, especially if consumed regularly over an extended period of time.

Studies suggest that cannabis also increases the risk of developing:

  • Psychosis, primarily schizophrenia
  • Paranoia
  • Memory loss
  • Premature ageing
  • Fertility complications
  • Long term mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety

You could lose your friends and your job because you are unable to control your behaviour around them. As the habit is illegal and your abuse may be secretive, people might not be sensitive to your dependence on cannabis, and will find it hard to understand your alteration in personality and mood. Due to its mix with tobacco, the use of cannabis has also been linked to lung cancer, heart disease and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) in the long term. If found with certain quantities of the drug, you could also be arrested and receive a criminal conviction, which damages your potential employment and future life prospects. All of these are powerful motivations to take the first step to quitting cannabis.

Stop Smoking Marijuana

Hypnosis for cannabis use can help the individual to change their habitual behaviour and change the emotional and mental associations they have towards the drug, such as relaxation or as a reward, making the process of quitting easier and more comfortable. Visiting a hypnotherapist could be the first important step in saving a user from the negative complications of smoking cannabis, such as physical or mental health problems.