Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Considering the majority population’s negative opinion of cigarette smoking, the graphic advertising on cigarette packets, and the banning of the activity in public places, it would be easy to believe these alone would provide enough motivation to help a smoker successfully quit.

stop smoking hypnosisAlthough the health warnings and published statistics on smoking related diseases might have reduced the number of smokers, many people still find the process of quitting smoking too challenging to achieve alone.

Despite medical treatments being widely available to aid the smoking cessation process, such as skin patches and chewing gum to stifle cravings, many people do not possess the willpower to successfully quit smoking on their own, finding that such treatments only help with the superficial attachment they have to smoking.

If they are not successful with the pharmaceutical aids, or  on willpower alone, they may give up on their attempts all together, feeling embarrassed and annoyed at themselves, worried that quitting is something that ‘other people achieve’ but is not for them.

This can lead to a disheartening and upsetting cycle, made worse when the individual does not realise that their cigarette ‘addiction’ is not purely a physical dependency on nicotine, but more so, a behavioural habit and mental connection, one which has a strong basis in their mind. The positive message from this is, however, that an individual has the realistic ability to control and influence their behaviours and habits, with the potential to make lasting changes using the power of their own subconscious mind. Hypnosis engages your subconscious, making changes to your perception of smoking and cigarettes, thus enabling the individual to comfortably and naturally give up smoking. Whereas you may have once associated smoking with relaxation or fond social gatherings, your perception and emotional connection to cigarettes will no long be a positively reinforced one. A session at our Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic can help you to begin a healthier, longer, and happier life as a non-smoker. Stopping smoking will always require some willpower, but hypnosis effectively ‘turbocharges’ the willpower your mind already possesses, putting you firmly on the right path to successful smoking cessation.

Nobody can judge how many cigarettes a smoker is required to smoke a day before it constitutes a significant smoking habit. You could smoke three a day or thirty a day—it is more important how the individual feels about their habitual behaviour, and the effect that smoking has on their family, social circle, or professional success. If smoking begins to disrupt your daily life, such as your personal or work life, then at that point it can be considered a problem worth addressing. If you constantly interrupt important tasks to take cigarette breaks, will buy a pack of cigarettes even when you cannot afford them, or would leave a group of friends in a bar frequently just to smoke outside alone, then you may feel that it is in fact interfering with your enjoyment of your daily life rather than adding to it. You may also feel guilty that you cannot quit alone, but do not possess the energy to keep trying unaided. An experienced hypnotherapist understands that everyone’s relationship with smoking is different, as are their reasons for wanting to quit.