Social Anxiety Hypnosis

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Social Anxiety Hypnosis

Social anxiety disorder is characterised by extreme discomfort in social situations. Those suffering from social anxiety are overcome by a feeling of fear and nervousness when there is an expectation to interact with others, whether these are friends and acquaintances or complete strangers.

It can also be defined by an intense worry that you are being negatively judged by others, to the point where you no longer try anything new or attempt to impress people for fear it will backfire or you will be anxiety hypnosis

Social anxiety can prevent you from trusting people or relying on them, it decreases your confidence in yourself and your ability to feel comfortable in crowds of people. Even something as simple as buying an item from a shop, or sitting in the doctor’s surgery for an appointment, can be a terrifying prospect to somebody with social anxiety, and often for days in advance they will have to prepare for the occasion.

You may find it difficult to communicate with people, feeling as though what you have to say does not matter. It goes beyond the initial nerves of somebody being shy or having difficulty with public speaking, and can result in serious panic attacks if an individual is pushed into a situation they find distressing.

Social anxiety can make living a normal life impossible. The stress of dealing with anxiety can leave an individual emotionally drained and physically exhausted, as they try to manage their symptoms, or make extra efforts to avoid being put into the types of situations which trigger their anxiety. Choosing to get help for social anxiety is the first step to living a happier and healthier life. Although the symptoms of social anxiety may feel beyond your control, because the root cause of this behaviour is often located in the subconscious mind substaintial changes are able to be made by the individual. The brain is a powerful tool, able to affect us physically, mentally and emotionally. However, we are able to take control over the power of our mind, and use it to our own benefit. Hypnotherapy helps you to take back control of your mind, using it to treat your symptoms and begin the process of recovery.

There are various psychotropic medications which can reduce the symptoms of social anxiety, but many people suffer with side effects and this usually increases the disabling aspects of the disorder. The Advanced Hypnosis London hypnotherapists work with you to formulate a personalised treatment plan that works for you. Using deeper level hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and neurolinguistic programming (NLP), our hypnotherapists create an effective and comfortable approach to help you to overcome your social anxiety. By treating the subconscious, hypnosis is able to target the fundamental causes for your social anxiety, helping to strengthen your confidence and make dealing with these situations easier.

Programme Details

This programme is available as a 2-Session Package (£495.00 inc. VAT) at our Harley Street clinic, incorporating our Advanced Hypnosis approach and unique Neurosphere® technology. This includes a 1.5-hour Breakthrough Session (£295) and 1-hour follow-up session (£200), scheduled at time of booking and usually attended 10-21 days after the first.

Post-session tools and guidance are provided, designed to support your positive progress. The more these are engaged with, usually the better the results. Additional sessions, if required, last 1 hour and cost £200.00 (inc. VAT).

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