Conquer Your Junk Food Habit This Lent

2017-05-21T05:23:10+00:00 Weight Loss|

Once a year people across the country decide to test their self-discipline, spending forty days abstaining from their particular vices, whatever those may be. Lent is a traditional Christian season, usually involving the giving up of rich foods between Ash Wednesday and Easter. However, despite its religious roots, Lent is now practised widely by both Christian and secular groups as a means of detoxing the body, testing resolve, and strengthening willpower. Many people see the period as a [...]

Talking Hypnotherapy for Positive Change on Local and National Radio (Highlights Podcast)

2017-05-21T05:23:10+00:00 Harley Street Hypnotherapy|

This week I appeared on local and national radio stations, alongside my colleague Fabio Del Piero, discussing hypnosis / hypnotherapy and how it helps individuals looking to break bad habits, or form new healthy ones. Every January people take the opportunity to use the New Year to form resolutions. This resolution could be a goal to stop smoking, quit eating junk food, exercise more, or any other change an individual is looking to make. However, studies show that up to [...]