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Find out How to Stop Sugar Cravings

2017-05-21T05:23:07+00:00 Bad Habits / Addictions, Hypnosis in London, Weight Loss|

Working out how to stop sugar cravings can be one of the hardest things to do when you decide to live healthy. Sugar in particular has been shown to affect the brain in the same way as addictive substances such as cocaine. So, if coming off the chocolate feels difficult, that’s because you’re probably a little bit addicted to it. We eat more sugar nowadays than at any point in history, with it added to [...]

Dry January: 5 Tips On How To Cut Down Drinking

2017-05-21T05:23:07+00:00 Alcohol Reduction, Bad Habits / Addictions|

Wondering how to cut down drinking this January? Many people see the start of the year as a way to challenge unhealthy habits, give their body a much needed post-Christmas break, and kick start their fitness regime for the months ahead. One part of this change often focuses on how to cut down drinking, with many going teetotal for so-called ‘Dry January’. If you have decided that you would like to cut down on your alcohol [...]

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Healthy Living Resolutions

2017-05-21T05:23:10+00:00 Harley Street Hypnotherapy|

Have you been keeping a New Year’s resolution this month? Many people use their New Year’s resolution as a way to shift some pounds, whether through a change in diet or an increase in physical activity. As January comes to a close, however, many people end up giving up on their resolutions, with their gym membership going to waste and their unhealthy eating habits creeping back upon them. If you are struggling to stay motivated, [...]

Can Hypnosis Help Individuals With IBS?

2017-05-21T05:23:10+00:00 Hypnosis in London|

This April IBS Awareness Month runs worldwide, supported by the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) it seeks to educate and inform people on the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  IBS causes discomfort and chronic pain in those who suffer it, causing abnormal bowel movements and many other unpleasant symptoms including bloating, cramping and nausea. With IBS Awareness Month the IFFGD hopes more people experiencing these symptoms will seek help to overcome the [...]

Warning Signs You Are Addicted To Shopping and What You Can Do About It

2017-05-21T05:23:10+00:00 Bad Habits / Addictions|

It’s that time of year again – the January sales! Every year from Boxing Day shops slash their prices so you can grab a bargain, whether it be in an electrical goods store, clothing retailer, beauty shop or more.  However, you may have found your shopping this January has brought you some concern, making you question whether your behaviour is normal. Perhaps you have found yourself sneaking shopping bags into the house so that your family do not realise, or you [...]

Ways to Reduce Stress with Hypnotherapy

2017-05-21T05:23:10+00:00 Stress Management|

Hypnosis has been used for many years to treat or minimise the adverse effects of many physical and emotional issues. The British Psychological Society has recently declared that hypnosis is very effective when it comes to relieving many ailments including stress. Having sessions with an experienced hypnotherapist can also minimise the other side effects of stress including insomnia, migraines, and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Stress, especially stress which lasts for an extended period of [...]

How Hypnosis Works and the Subconscious Mind

2017-05-21T05:23:11+00:00 Hypnosis in London|

Everyone at some point in their lives has heard the term hypnosis but not everyone understands what it truly is and how hypnosis works. Contrary to what you commonly see in TV shows or the movies, hypnosis does not involve forcing individuals to behave in ways against their will. Our Harley Street hypnosis clinic shows that hypnotherapy is perfectly suited for self-improvement and positive transformation. Hypnosis is a means of heightening the suggestibility of the mind, allowing access [...]