Can Hypnosis Help Individuals With IBS? 2017-05-21T05:23:05+00:00

This April IBS Awareness Month runs worldwide, supported by the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) it seeks to educate and inform people on the effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

IBS causes discomfort and chronic pain in those who suffer it, causing abnormal bowel movements and many other unpleasant symptoms including bloating, cramping and nausea.

With IBS Awareness Month the IFFGD hopes more people experiencing these symptoms will seek help to overcome the debilitating influence it can have on their quality of life and general wellbeing, both physical and emotional.

For many who suffer from IBS the stigma attached to such a condition only makes their experiences worse, as they suffer in silence the discomfort and shame of living and working with the symptoms, and the issues these symptoms themselves cause.

IBS is believed by many to be caused by a disruption in the interactions between the gut and the brain, with emotional stresses in particular worsening the symptoms. However, there has not been a definitive answer to what causes IBS, nor has there been a single, conclusive cure found to address the symptoms. Many people use a combination of medication, changes in life style such as diet, and relaxation and stress-management techniques including meditation, to manage their pain and regulate their bowel habits.

Medications can provide many with relief, but may also have negative side effects. Likewise, whilst an improved diet and exercise regime is integral for all who suffer from IBS, it cannot always provide drastic changes. For those who are already doing everything ‘right’ and yet still endure the crippling pain and discomfort of IBS it can be frustrating to be told yet again to change their diets, exercise more, or relax more often, especially if it is not providing adequate relief.

However, this does not mean that someone who has been diagnosed by their doctor with IBS should expect to simply accept a life of pain, frustration and hopelessness in their condition. Everyone deserves to live a healthy and happy life free from pain, and luckily, studies have shown that with hypnosis many of the worst symptoms of IBS can be minimised and controlled. Hypnotherapy for IBS is a comfortable, safe and effective treatment.

A 2003 study conducted by the Hypnotherapy Unit at Withington Hospital, Manchester, surveyed 204 patients diagnosed with IBS. Participants completed a questionnaire scoring severity of symptoms, quality of life, anxiety, and depression before, after, and six years following hypnotherapy. The study found that 71% of the patients responded to the hypnosis, with 81% of those stating the improvements were maintained over time. The study proves that the positive effects of hypnotherapy for IBS are not only immediate, but last at least 5 years for the majority.

If you are interested in treating your IBS with hypnotherapy, visiting the Advanced Hypnosis London clinic and seeing one of our expert hypnotherapists is an excellent choice. With the most progressive techniques, a tailored and personalised approach, and a unique use of technology, our Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic is the ‘go-to’ destination for effective hypnosis to treat IBS. At last, instead of your gut controlling you, you can control your gut; working with the subconscious mind allows you to reassert the power of your mind over your body.

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