Why Diets Don’t Work

weight loss hypnosis londonIf you are looking to lose a little weight, feel healthier and kick start your new fitness regime, it can be easy to turn to a ‘quick fix’ solution. The temptation of fad diets, with their promises of easy and fast weight loss with minimum effort, can be difficult to resist, especially when you are feeling frustrated and angry about your weight. But, it is becoming more and more obvious that for most people, diets simply do not work… and here is why.

Diets aren’t a long-term solution

Most people start a diet with an end date in mind. This means that they change their eating habits for a set period of time in order to lose a certain amount of weight. However, most people who undergo a diet will quickly regain the weight that they lose over the diet period once they resume their normal eating habits again.
This is why diets aren’t a very good idea. If you want to lose weight long-term, you need a long-term solution. This means that you have to change your fundamental relationship with eating and exercise, rather than making drastic changes that aren’t sustainable, both physically and emotionally.
By approaching your weight loss journey as a lifestyle change you can ensure that any weight you do lose isn’t going to just pile back on.

Lots of diets aren’t very healthy

Drastic changes in what, or how much, you are eating can have a drastic impact on how your body is working. These types of diets often market themselves as healthy ways to lose weight, but if you are limiting the amount or the type of food you eat it can actually be detrimental to your health, rather than an improvement.
Low calorie diets can suppress your metabolism, meaning that your body burns fewer calories. This means that once you increase your calorie intake your body will struggle to burn the extra calories, and you will gain the weight back faster than you lost it.
Likewise, diets which ration the types of foods you eat can result in nutritional deficiencies if you aren’t knowledgeable in the different nourishment that your body requires. You can become deficient in important vitamins and minerals such as B12 or Iron without the right food intake. Likewise, protein deficiency can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing if you follow a strict diet. Deficiencies leave you feeling exhausted, demotivated, and suppress your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.

They can lead to you eating more

Many people see diets as a ‘quick-fix’ to help them to lose weight, when really the issue is not the fact that they eat too much, but the reasons why they eat too much. Many people associate food with emotions, which means that they eat to celebrate or commiserate. They will ‘reward’ themselves with junk food, or turn to sweets when they are feeling upset. Simply cutting down on food will not change your emotional relationship with food, which is why diets often do not work long-term.

Many people actually find that when they partake in a very strict diet, they find themselves ‘binging’ more often on junk food, or really going nuts when they do decide to treat themselves. They’ve starved themselves all week, but in order to satisfy their emotional dependency on food, they end up craving junk even more.
Address the subconscious reasons you overeat and you can begin to transform your long-term health, eating habits and, as a result, your weight.

Simply put, diets don’t work

There are several reasons that diets don’t work. They all condense down to the same core issue… that diets are a short-term fix to a much deeper, long-term issue for most people. People are complex creatures, and we are driven by emotions and subconscious desires we may not even be aware of. It isn’t as simple as we are just greedy and love to eat, otherwise cutting down on food would be much easier than it really is. Diets work on your fears and desires around your weight, but there is no such thing as a fast and easy solution.
The best way to lose weight, and sustain a new, healthy lifestyle, is by addressing and changing the subconscious aspects of your relationship with food. Do you overeat sweets because you were always rewarded with them as a child? Did you grow up in a big family so hoarding food and claiming big portions was part of the survival mechanism among siblings? Maybe you have low self-esteem and don’t even believe you can do it?
Discover why you are stuck in these unhealthy habits and you can begin to change them at the root cause of the problem. Remove some of the emotional reward of chocolate, or realise there is plenty of food to go around, or build up your self-confidence and self-esteem. With the right attitude, and the right approach, weight loss can be long-term, healthy and rewarding.

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