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Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Healthy Living Resolutions

By Fabio Del Piero

Have you been keeping a New Year’s resolution this month? Many people use their New Year’s resolution as a way to shift some pounds, whether through a change in diet or an increase in physical activity. As January comes to a close, however, many people end up giving up on their resolutions, with their gym membership going to waste and their unhealthy eating habits creeping back upon them.  

If you are struggling to stay motivated, and would like the new, healthier you to become a permanent lifestyle change rather than a short term fix, there are some easy weight loss and lifestyle tips you can use. Whether you are looking to eat less junk food, or keep more active, read some of our top tips for a healthier and more balanced relationship with food and fitness.

  • Download An App 

Using an app to track your fitness and diet progress can prove both enlightening and motivating.

Health apps such as My Fitness Pal allow you to track the food you eat, showing you how many calories you consume and what proportion of your food is carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Being aware of how much you eat can help you to cut down on extra calories, and logging all your meals will mean you are less likely to mindlessly snack or pick at foods in between meals.

If you struggle to keep your fitness regime regularly why not try a goal-based app such as C25K (a.k.a. Couch To 5k)? It provides an 8-week training plan to increase your fitness and get you running. If you find it hard to stay motivated and set your own goals, having such an app can help to keep you focused and get you into a healthy routine so that exercise becomes a habit, rather than a chore.

  • Make Fitness Fun 

There are plenty of ways to make your healthy new lifestyle change a fun one.

If you struggle to get out of bed for your morning jog, or hate going to the gym on your own, why not buddy up with a friend? Working together provides fun companionship, some accountability (you are far less likely to miss the gym when you are meeting somebody there), and support when maybe you feel like giving up.

Alternatively, find a sport or hobby you really enjoy. If solo fitness pursuits seem boring to you, why not try a team sport such as hockey or football? Making new friends and enjoying the competitiveness of a game could help you get fit without even realising you are working out. Or, why not try a dance workout, a barre class, or an outdoor boot camp if you are looking for a class with a difference? Learning a new routine or crawling through the mud of your local park might be just the ticket to get you moving and feeling great.

  • Use The Power Of Your Mind 

Some fun little mind hacks you can use whilst changing your lifestyle habits include:

  • Using a bright white plate when eating colourful foods, or a dark plate when eating white and light coloured foods. The contrast between the plate and the food colour has been shown to make people more aware of their serving sizes, often leading them to eat less. The theory is it tricks your brain into believing it has eaten more food.
  • Similarly, using a smaller plate helps you to reduce your portion sizes as individuals are predisposed to fill their plate with food, regardless of the size. Therefore, a smaller plate means a smaller portion size served as once again your brain believes that a ‘full plate’ means a ‘big portion’.
  • Chew your food slowly, and ensure you are away from distractions such as a TV or computer. Focusing on what you eat, and eating ‘mindfully’ gives your body chance to send signals to the brain to tell you when you are full. Eating quickly or whilst distracted leads many people to overeat because their thoughts are busy elsewhere.

You may be thinking ‘Well, I’ve tried all of these and none of this has worked for me!’, you may even realise that the only thing standing between yourself and healthy living success is YOU. Whether you feel you lack willpower, or have an addiction to sugar you cannot resist, sometimes your mind is your greatest enemy. Luckily, your mind can also be your greatest friend, because with the powerful tool of your subconscious mind you can build up strong, new, healthy habits, in just the same way you managed to develop the bad habits.

Hypnotherapy allows you to access the subconscious portion of your mind that controls your habitual behaviours, such as how and what you eat, your motivation to exercise, and your emotional relationship with your body and what you do to it. The problem most likely lies in your subconscious, and so too does the resolution. Emotional eating hypnotherapy addresses the reasons food has become a ‘coping mechanism’ when you are stressed or upset, whilst hypnotherapy to motivate you in your new fitness regime will boost your willpower and get rid of any of the worries that may be holding you back.

If you are interested in hypnosis for weight loss or healthy living, give the Advanced Hypnosis London clinic a call today on 0207 125 0074 or enquire online for more information.