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Are You Summer Body Ready Yet?
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By Rory James MacLaren-Jackson
Dip. Hyp DNLP GQHP GHRreg PgCert. Psychol. FRSA


Have you booked your summer holiday this year? Do you sit inside your stuffy office looking out at the sunshine and counting down the days?rory m-j Although it isn’t quite the height of summer yet (it will come eventually!) you may have started planning for the hot weather, whether this is buying swimming suits, researching seaside activities for the kids, or deciding how to get in shape. Many people see summer as the perfect time to shed some excess weight, start new healthy habits, and get themselves ready for the dresses and shorts that the hot weather demands.

If you indulged in more than a few comforting desserts this winter (don’t we all?) and feel as though you would feel more confident and healthy a few pounds lighter, you are not alone. It seems as though everyone is on some kind of diet or another nowadays, and as obesity rates increase, so too do fad diets as people try to lose weight, usually as fast as possible. However, this relationship with food, a yo-yo diet where you starve yourself and then return back to your old overeating habits, damages your body, self-esteem and health. Although many diets that encourage calorie restriction can promote sustained weight loss for some, for other people they simply do not address the underlying relationship with food that has led them to unhealthy eating.

If you are hoping to get in shape for summer, but have had no success with calorie-controlled diets or find it hard to stick to eating plans where you are restricted in what you can eat, it may be the case that your emotional or mental relationship with food is the area that needs changing. Rather than simply being a case of ‘I have no willpower’, or ‘I can’t control my sweet tooth’, it may be that your subconscious mind associates junk food, comforting desserts, or fatty treats with certain emotions and feelings, therefore encouraging you to eat them when you feel angry, sad or bored.

Many children are offered sweets as rewards when they are well-behaved, and we have all seen the cinematic trope of the heartbroken young girl crying into a tub of ice cream for consolation. We learn early on that food and emotions are very closely tied. Films, books, our families and friends, all train us from a young age to associate sweet, fattening, or unhealthy foods with comfort, happiness, bonding, and companionship. Getting together with family and friends to enjoy a nice meal is an experience that everyone should enjoy in their lives regularly, but when the comfort of foods extends to daily life, and you begin to turn to snacks whenever you feel sad or fed up the relationship can become a problem.

If you believe that the habits you have formed with food are standing in the way of a healthier and happier you then hypnosis can help. If you always take the largest portion because you love the feeling of being stuffed full, Hypno-band can help you to decrease these portion sizes. If you find yourself eating sugary sweets, cookies and cake too frequently, hypnotherapy to stop eating sugary foods can help you break your attachment to sugar. If you need more motivation to eat healthier foods and exercise regularly visiting our Harley Street clinic can be the first step to a happier, healthier and more confident you.

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