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Harley Street Counselling Service

harley street psychotherapyIn addition to hypnotherapy many people find benefits from other talk-based therapies such as counselling.

For certain issues many individuals find counselling to be hugely beneficial, the process of talking through and addressing their current feelings and problems can be a huge step in their self-development and recovery.

Counselling provides a safe and non-judgemental environment in which to discuss your problems, build an understanding of your feelings and behaviour, and begin to develop effective and successful courses of action. It is suitable treatment for a number of issues, including depresson, eating disorders, and sex addiction. Talking with a qualified psychotherapist can help you to establish the causes of your worries and problems, as well as providing emotional and mental support on an on-going basis. Many of these problems can seem too painful to face, with the distress caused by even the thought of them making resolution and treatment a distant prospect.

However, many studies suggest that undertaking talking therapy can be hugely beneficial, even if the process may initially feel difficult and emotional. Facing up to your internal thoughts and questioning your behaviour, and the reasons behind it, can prove a cathartic and relieving experience.

The Advanced Hypnosis London clinic respects and appreciates the beneficial and effective work of counsellors. We also know it is important to meet with an experienced and qualified psychotherapist in order to ensure the quality of treatment.

Where appropriate, our clinic can provide a referral to a selection of leading counsellors and psychotherapists on Harley Street. All partners providing these services are registered with all of their relevant professional bodies – BACP, UKCP and HPC.

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