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Hypnosis for Wellbeinghypnosis for wellbeing

Hypnotherapy does not always have to involve solving a ‘problem’ or specific issue, so we provide this popular programme of sessions to promote the benefits of hypnosis for your general wellbeing.

advanced-hypnosis-wellbeingWe often invest far more in our physical health and fitness than we do in our minds. Yet, not only does our mind and mindset influence our physical health, it is also a key factor in our own sense of wellbeingFrom our experience, not only does wellbeing start in the mind, but specifically in the subconscious mind.

Using our unique approach to Advanced Hypnosis, these powerful sessions, delivered by our leading Harley Street Hypnotherapists, will re-shape your subconscious mind for success, positivity and wellbeing.

You will also benefit from what previous clients have called the ‘Club Class Hypnosis’ experience of our Neurosphere® sensory chamber, which provides a relaxing, enjoyable and truly immersive hypnotic experience.

The Hypnosis for Wellbeing programme is delivered over 4 sessions (weekly or fortnightly).

Session 1: Subconscious Sort-Out 

Whether you have experienced hypnosis before or you are completely new to it, this session is an enjoyable and relaxing introduction to our style of Advanced Hypnosis. The session focuses on a ‘sort-out’ of your subconscious mind,  clearing out any unwanted ’emotional baggage’ to leave you feeling lighter and motivated for positive change in your life.

Session 2: Removing Negativity

This session builds on the work of the first to further reduce and remove any specific limiting beliefs, negative associations, behaviours or responses. By reframing and removing negativity in this way we help you create the healthy foundation for a positive, resilient mindset

Session 3: Programming Positivity

This is the session that many clients enjoy the most! With a focus on ego-strengthening at the subconscious level it gives you a turbo-charged boost of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-belief.

Clearly, this is a whole lot of ‘SELF’-improvement in what is a real ‘buzz’ session to kickstart new levels of positivity and positive thinking in your life.  

Session 4: Mind Maintenance

This final session focuses on ‘fine tuning’ your new positive mindset and making it sustainable, so you are able to face any obstacles or challenges in life with new levels of inner strength and resilience. You will also be given guidance on how to maintain your new, healthy mindset through self-hypnosis and meditation.

The ‘Hypnosis for Wellbeing’ programme is tailored to each individual client (based on the completion of a Pre-Session Questionnaire) and not only includes ‘in-session’ hypnosis and guidance, but also audios provided for suggestion reinforcement between sessions.

Further Optional Sessions

The goal of the ‘Hypnosis for Wellbeing’ programme is to provide you with a subconscious ‘kickstart’ plus the approach and tools to maintain the positive changes made during the sessions.

However, some clients still choose to return for additional ‘top-up’ sessions in the future when they either feel they need or simply want to experience ‘in-session’ hypnosis again. For many people it is an enjoyable, deeply relaxing and emotionally-balancing experience that they value time and time again, forming part of their personal wellbeing programme for good physical and mental health.

We liken this type of hypnosis to a ‘massage for the mind’. Sometimes you book a massage to fix something that is ‘wrong’ like an injury, other times you just book one to relax, enjoy it and feel great afterwards.

On this basis, we welcome some clients back to our clinic monthly, quarterly, once a year or just on an ad hoc basis – essentially, it’s up to you!

Programme Details

The ‘Hypnosis for Wellbeing’ programme consists of 4 sessions and costs £995.00. Session 1 (‘Breakthrough Session’) lasts 1.5 hours and Sessions 2-4 last 1 hour each. All sessions are conducted at our 1 Harley Street, London clinic.

A schedule of session dates will be confirmed upon booking and you will be sent a Pre-Session Questionnaire to complete prior to commencement. 

To make an online booking enquiry please click here.