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Hypnotherapy For Phobias & Fears

Fear is a natural, ingrained response with an important evolutionary basis designed to keep us safe and alert, but this doesn’t mean it is always welcome.

hypnotherapy for phobias at harley street hypnotherapy clinic

Everyone fears something, but when those fears begin to develop into phobias they can overwhelm a person making it difficult to function or live an ordinary life. If you feel as though your fear is taking over your life then hypnotherapy for phobias could be the answer.

Phobias hypnotherapy is a powerful means of helping you conquer your fears. By using advanced techniques our Harley Street hypnotherapists can make crucial changes to your subconscious mind.

Phobias are characterised by a variety of physical responses, as well as mental and emotional ones. When encountering the subject of your fear, you undoubtedly experience several physical symptoms such as:

  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Increased body temperature.

This physical reaction is caused by your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response. As such, not only are phobias very emotionally and mentally tiring, but they can have a negative toll on your body too. Seeking out help with hypnosis for phobias can mean more comfortably navigating the world.

Often phobias have a rational origin, perhaps from a single traumatic incident or through conditioning during childhood. Fear becomes irrational when natural emotional responses to certain stimuli escalate into anxiety that impairs your quality of life and wellbeing.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at our London Hypnosis Clinic

At the Advanced Hypnosis London Harley Street clinic there are a number of treatments available to target a variety of phobias. The professional and expert Harley Street hypnotherapists can produce a tailored and effective treatment plan for the majority of phobias.

Hypnotherapy for phobias works by treating the subconscious mind on a deeper level. For many people suffering from a phobia, the original cause of the phobia’s development has long been forgotten, leaving only the unpleasant symptoms and negative effects. A series of relaxing and comfortable hypnosis sessions can help you retrain the subconscious mind to perceive and understand the feared subject in a healthier, unthreatening manner.

Top 5 Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Phobias & Fears

1. The Advanced Hypnosis London hypnotherapists realise that when it comes to treating irrational fears targeting the rational conscious part of the mind is not always the best approach. Hypnotherapy for phobias targets the fundamental relationships between your subconscious mind and the fear you experience, a more effective and efficient approach to the treatment of phobias.

2. Anyone who suffers from a phobia and has attempted to overcome it simply by reasoning with themselves, or by exposing themselves to their fear, will know how upsetting and unsuccessful this process can be. Hypnosis provides a solution that is both comfortable and positive.

3. Living life with a phobia can prove difficult. Overcoming your fear successfully can prove a freeing experience; no longer will you have to fear being triggered by an everyday event or object, or find yourself in a situation that causes you undue anxiety. The simple act of living will be simpler and more relaxing.

4. So many phobias, including fear of flying, fear of driving, and claustrophobia are not only limiting by virtue of their ability to cause anxiety and panic in the person experiencing them, but also limit the individual in what they can achieve and experience. Without your phobia you could travel places you would never have thought possible, apply for a job you thought you could never comfortably do, or undertake a new, exciting hobby, opening up positive new possibilities.

5. Phobias are not an isolated issue, causing a variety of secondary health and emotional problems. From stress-related physical illness, to depression and anxiety disorders, treating your phobia can mean alleviating many of the associated symptoms and conditions.

Advanced Hypnosis London can help you overcome and cope more effectively with a number of fears and phobias. Please click on the links below to explore the different treatments available:

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