Hypnotherapy for Claustrophobia Treatment

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Hypnotherapy for Claustrophobia Treatment

Claustrophobia is a fear of having no escape or being locked in, in many cases triggered by an experience in a person’s past which made them feel intense panic or terror. It may also be triggered by the feeling of being restricted or confined to one area.

Naturally, such people fear small spaces and crowded areas, and may experience the following symptoms:

  • Their body becomes tense and tighthypnotherapy for claustrophobia treatment
  • Fainting
  • Feeling sick
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Blood pressure increase

For this reason, many activities involving enclosed spaces are avoided, such as music concerts, cinemas, shopping malls or public transport. When confronted with these situations in a new environment a person suffering with claustrophobia might stand near the closest exit, avoid travelling at peak times on public transport, or using the stairs instead of an elevator. It can become difficult to achieve a normal quality of life, meaning you may feel it is time to seek help to overcome the negative effects of claustrophobia.

Claustrophobia sometimes stems from a distressing event in a person’s past, such as getting stuck on an underground train, being separated from a familial group in a crowded place or falling into a swimming pool when they were not able to save themselves.

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate claustrophobia by addressing the root cause of the fear. Working on a subconscious level our Advanced Hypnosis London hypnotherapists make essential changes to the way you perceive small spaces or enclosed areas, giving you the necessary tools to overcome your fear with confidence and in comfort. With the help of hypnosis you can learn to no longer be a victim of claustrophobia, with a new ability to interact with friends, family and even strangers in public places without being afraid.

Programme Details

This programme is available as a 2-Session Package (£495.00 inc. VAT) at our Harley Street clinic, incorporating our Advanced Hypnosis approach and unique Neurosphere® technology. This includes a 1.5-hour Breakthrough Session (£295) and 1-hour follow-up session (£200), scheduled at time of booking and usually attended 10-21 days after the first.

Post-session tools and guidance are provided, designed to support your positive progress. The more these are engaged with, usually the better the results. Additional sessions, if required, last 1 hour and cost £200.00 (inc. VAT).

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