Hypnosis for Procrastination

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Hypnosis for Procrastination

Procrastination can make it seem impossible to complete tasks in an orderly and time efficient manner.

The individual may become distracted by even the most minor or unimportant task, rather than focusing their efforts and attention on the most important assignment or exercise on their list of priorities.

The modern technological age, especially the accessibility and emergence of social media, has made it difficult for some to stay focused on important work projects or assignments, with important responsibilities being completed late or at a lower standard than expected as a result of rushed work.

It is of course normal to take a break from work every now and again to refresh your thoughts, and it is often beneficial to leave a task for a short while only to return to it with a new and fresh perspective.

hypnosis for procrastinationHowever, some people can find it tough to even begin working toward a project or goal. They might find needless reasons to neglect a responsibility or assignment, often in part because they have doubts that they will be able to finish it to the standard required.

They may become counter-productive with activities which used to bring them pleasure, or resistant to work toward a project because they feel under pressure or subject to scrutiny.

Procrastination is usually a subconscious and negative perception of yourself and your abilities, causing you to underestimate or overestimate your competence with regards to a project’s completion. You may:

  • have poor judgements of time
  • make outrageous promises you are not able to keep
  • take on too many projects at a time
  • have difficulty organising the planning or construction of a project
  • panic that you have not planned thoroughly
  • be consistently late for important appointments
  • feel busy doing other things such as socialising or cooking
  • over plan the preparation for a project without actually starting

These may seem like obvious signs, but it can still be difficult to overcome them until you address what is holding you back. With stop procrastination hypnosis, alongside practical behavioural strategies, you can challenge the negative perceptions, thoughts and actions, allowing you to develop greater self-discipline and motivation.

Our Advanced Hypnosis London hypnotherapists work with your subconscious mind to help you develop beneficial behaviours, challenging and changing the attitudes and ideas that cause you to procrastinate. Imagine how satisfying it will feel to be free of stress and worry, finally realising how rewarding undisturbed completion of a project can be.

Programme Details

This programme is available as a 2-Session Package (£495.00 inc. VAT) at our Harley Street clinic, incorporating our Advanced Hypnosis approach and unique Neurosphere® technology. This includes a 1.5-hour Breakthrough Session (£295) and 1-hour follow-up session (£200), scheduled at time of booking and usually attended 10-21 days after the first.

Post-session tools and guidance are provided, designed to support your positive progress. The more these are engaged with, usually the better the results. Additional sessions, if required, last 1 hour and cost £200.00 (inc. VAT).

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