Sports Performance Hypnosis

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Sports Performance Hypnosis

To be an accomplished athlete the formula may sound simple. You would think it is all about balancing a healthy, varied diet and a strict training and fitness regime, and perhaps there is nothing more to it than that.

sports performance hypnosisBut physical requirements such as diet, training and exercise are only one aspect of sports performance; the power of your mental state is also a crucial instrument in your development as a sports person. 

Sometimes, no matter how serious or determined you are about the physical aspects of fitness and well-being, if you have a negative attitude or perception of your performance or goals, then your natural ability may be impacted or you will struggle performing under pressure.

Your confidence may have been knocked during a competition or as a result of a slow recovery from an injury, or you may have found natural supplements such as protein are no longer working for you. If you have found your progress has plateaued it can be easy to then lose the required motivation to succeed. You may find yourself becoming disinterested in an activity you previously enjoyed, or feeling nervous or afraid to learn something new which could help you progress with your goals.

You may have lost confidence and find it hard to concentrate when training, reducing the time and effort spent dedicated to your normal routine. Or you may struggle in a competitive setting where the pressure to perform your best against other athletes can become overwhelming.

Booking a session with an Advanced Hypnosis London hypnotherapist could be the next stage in your development as a sports person. Our expert hypnotherapists work with you on a subconscious level to understand what is hindering your development, making positive changes to your perceptions and attitudes. By strengthening your self-belief, helping you to avoid distractions when exercising, and giving you the mental tools to maintain composure in high pressure environments, hypnosis can prove the missing link in your training.

Our London hypnotherapists can help to change your negative mental attitude, developing positive thoughts and behaviours in their place. It does not matter if you are a competitive athlete or an enthusiastic novice, the co-ordination and unity of your mind and body is an often overlooked aspect which can boost your results and satisfaction.

Programme Details

This programme is available as a 2-Session Package (£495.00 inc. VAT) at our Harley Street clinic, incorporating our Advanced Hypnosis approach and unique Neurosphere® technology. This includes a 1.5-hour Breakthrough Session (£295) and 1-hour follow-up session (£200), scheduled at time of booking and usually attended 10-21 days after the first.

Post-session tools and guidance are provided, designed to support your positive progress. The more these are engaged with, usually the better the results. Additional sessions, if required, last 1 hour and cost £200.00 (inc. VAT).

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